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Supporters and Partners of The Rural Jobs Coalition

The Rural Jobs Coalition was started in 2016 by like-minded firms and individuals with a tremendous vision for small business and entrepreneurial growth within local and rural economies throughout the country. According to Pitchbook, over 80 percent of venture capital financing of small businesses and startups are concentrated in only five major metro areas of the US – mostly the West Coast and a sliver of the Northeast. Even when there is risk capital equity and debt financing of companies in more rural and agriculturally-based states the vast majority of that is almost always in the larger urban areas. The Rural Jobs Coalition works throughout the country to help support dialogue, research, materials and policy related discussions with rural champions, farmers, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs, small businesses, banks and investment companies.

Rural Jobs Coalition Partners

The Rural Jobs Coalition welcomes working with our RJC Partners at the following companies.  These companies share tremendous vision and experience working in economically distressed communities, longer term investment horizons and higher risk portfolios and have helped create or expand thousands of small businesses over more than twenty years:

  • Advantage Capital
  • Stonehedge Captial
  • Enhanced Capital

Rural Jobs Coalition Sponsors

Square is well known for its credit card processing products.  Square also is looking at rural, agricultural and other small businesses that can benefit from its processing products, small business accounting software, and capital raising including microloans. 

The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association represents businesses across the country that have significant interests in wooden packaging and timber related issues.  They support rural business and adequate access to capital.

Rural Jobs Coalition Affiliations

In addition to working with our Partners and Sponsors, the Rural Jobs Coalition also has worked with many like-minded organizations. 

Rural Jobs Coalition Small Business Supporters

These are small businesses that have worked closely with our partners and are thriving in economically distressed and/or rural regions of the US:

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